Shi’i Theology

The International Intensive Academic Course on Shiʿi Theology by Hikmat International Institute will cover the history, key doctrines, branches, rituals and practices, spiritual teachings as well as political thought of Shiʿi Islam. It will mainly focus on the Twelver Shiʿi tradition, to which the majority of the Shia belong today.
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About Course

The International Intensive Academic Course on Shi’i Theology by Hikmat International Institute will cover the history, key doctrines, branches, rituals and practices, spiritual teachings as well as political thought of Shi’i Islam. It will mainly focus on the Twelver Shi’i tradition, to which the majority of the Shia belong today. This is a university-level course and is designed mainly for students and academics who wish to enhance their understanding of Shi’i Theology. This is the most comprehensive course you can find online about Shi’i Theology as there will be 19 sessions to cover a wide variety of different aspects of this important faith tradition. Instructors are among the best academics in these fields. Each session will be 2 to 3 hours based on the plan of the instructor to be made up of activities and delivery as they see fit.

Below you can find the names of the professors and the topics that will be covered during the program.

About Shi’i Islam

Like all other major religions, Islam has been divided into several schools and denominations. The two main branches in Islam are Sunnism and Shi’ism. Sunni Muslims endorsed the historical caliphate, while Shi’i Muslims, supporters of ‘Ali, cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet and the fourth caliph, articulated their own distinctive doctrines. The Sunni-Shi’i schism is often framed as a dispute over the identity of the successor to Muhammad, whereas in reality, Sunni and Shi’i Muslims also differ on a number of seminal theological doctrines concerning the nature of God and legitimate political and religious authority.

Shi’i Islam as the second largest group in the Muslim world and as the largest religious community in several countries including Iran, Iraq, Bahrain and Lebanon has gained the attention of scholars of religion and researches more than anytime in the history. The Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979 and its huge national and international geopolitical outcomes was an important factor that caused many to realize the importance of having a deeper understanding of the religious undercurrents in the Middle East in particular and in the world in general. Also, Shi’i Islam is known today as a distinctive and vibrant community of Muslims with a remarkable capacity for reinvention and adaptation, grounded in a unique theological interpretation of Islam.

Target group

Professors, researchers and university students in the field of religious studies, Islamic studies, political studies, history, regional studies and anyone else who is interested in the topic with a good command of English!


Titles, Lecturers

  1. Dr. Shahriar Shojaeepour: Early Islam to the End of Safavid Period
  2. Dr. Alessandro Cancian: Modern Shi’i Theology (Qajars and after)
  3. Dr. Mahmoud Nazari: Doctrine of God
  4. Dr. Saiyad Nizamuddin Ahmad al-Husayni: Knowledge of God
  5. Dr. Hamed Fayazi: Attributes of God
  6. Dr. Hasan Doagoo: Adalah (Justice)
  7. Dr. Ammar Nakshawani: Prophethood
  8. Dr. Seyed Amir Akrami: The Quran and Revelation
  9. Dr. Morteza Rezazadeh: Arguments of Imamate
  10. Dr. Mahdi Rastifar: Messianism
  11. Dr. Sajjad Rizvi: Wilayah and its Scope
  12. Dr. Vinay Khetia: Devotion and Encounter with the Imam
  13. Dr. Rebecca Masterton: Afterlife
  14. Dr. Yusuf Daneshvar: Religion and Reason
  15. Dr. Muhammad Legenhausen: Pluralism
  16. Dr. Mohsen Javadi: Religion and Ethics
  17. Dr. Rasoul Naghavi: Religion and Science
  18. Dr. Mohammad Ali Shomali: Relations with Non-Muslims
  19. Dr. Amina Inloes: Gender and Race


توجه: حتما قبل از شروع آزمون تمامی جلسات را تکمیل کنید
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وضعیت فعلی
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هزینه دوره
‎ریال ۲٬۰۹۹٬۰۰۰

پیشنهاد آکادمی

جمعی از اساتید
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جمعی از اساتید
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استاد دکتر محمد مرادی
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تومان 1099000

12 پاسخ

  1. سلام.
    برای دوره جدید، تمام پول (۲۰۹۹۰۰۰ تومان) باید یکجا پرداخت بشه یا اعتماد می‌کنید و قسطی میشه پرداخت کرد؟
    در ضمن، تاریخ و ساعت کلاس‌ها رو میشه بدونیم؟

    1. سلام.
      این دوره تابستان امسال برگزار شده.
      به مناسبت عید مبعث ، با 60% تخفیف فقط به قیمت 839 تومان، تمامی جلسات در اختیار شما مخاطبین عزیز قرار می‌گیرد.

  2. سلام
    اگر بتوانید یک رشته در سطح 3 برای رشته هایی مثل کلام طراحی کنید و در کنار علوم حوزوی، آموزش زبان خارجی را هم حداقل برای کسانی که در حد متوسط زبان خارجی بلدند قرار بدهید. چون بسیاری از طلاب علاقه مند به این عرصه، زبان را تا حدودی خوانده اند اما چون جایی برای به کارگیری زبان نبوده آن را فراموش کرده اند یا نتوانسته اند آن را در حد پیشرفته که بتوانند با آن در یک رشته تخصصی شرکت کنند ارتقا دهند.
    با تشکر

  3. سلام وقت بخیر
    من بااینکه دردوران تخفیف این دوره شیعه شناسی شرکت کرده بودم،اماهمان ۲۰۹۹۰۰۰را برای دوره هاواریز کردم وتاالان هم از طریق ویدئوهای مجازی پیش رفته بودم..
    اماامروز که بعداز چندروز سرزدم،دیدم سایر دوره هابسته شده،ونوشته (ثبت نام نشده)!!
    این پیام هم از گوشی متفاوت ارسال میکنم تاتکراری نباشدوارسال کند..امیدوارم نیاز به پرداخت مجدد مبلغ نداشته باشد..

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